Commercial Roofing

The integrity of the roof over your commercial premises is a critical part of your business. A sound roof keeps the elements outside, allowing you to concentrate on serving your customers. At Exterior Solutions, we only use the latest roofing materials and techniques, along with industry-leading warranties.


Our team of experts is fully equipped to manage all your roofing requirements, whether your building has a pitched or flat roof, has walking traffic, skylights, or special drainage needs.


Sometimes, damage to a commercial roof can be repaired without the need for a full replacement. Our team is experienced in assessing the condition of all roofing systems and offering repair solutions to fit your budget and requirements.


Some of the most common roofing issues include:


Moisture: If your roof is not 100% watertight, moisture can infiltrate and cause problems. Water stains, high humidity inside, or an increase in insects or rodents are all signs that you should have your roof inspected.


Increased Energy Bills: Higher than average heating or cooling bills can often indicate roof damage, allowing air to escape the building, making your heating/cooling equipment work harder.


Bubbles or Sagging: Low spots in the ceiling are clear signs of roof damage of some type. Roof bubbles viewed from the top of the building are caused by moisture building under the top layer – the more bubbles, sagging, low spots, or ponding you have, the sooner you’re going to need a commercial roof repair or even a replacement.


Clogged Drains: During the next downpour, check your downspouts. If you only see a trickle when it’s raining heavily, you may find ponding and clogged rooftop drains. These are both vital signs you need a commercial roof repair.


Flimsy Flashing: Gaps in the metal flashing around the parapet or gaps in areas where the roof changes levels are signs that you need a professional roof repair as soon as possible.

Storm damage repair

Storm damage is the number one cause of roof repairs, and it’s a reality for business owners here in Wisconsin. Storm damage can range anywhere from an isolated leak to a total loss of integrity. If storm damage isn’t addressed quickly, it can lead to severe interior damage to equipment and inventory. It can even present a hazard to staff and customers.


At Exterior Solutions, we offer emergency services to address various storm issues:


Wind Damage: Wind can loosen or tear commercial roofing surfaces.


Falling Debris: Tree limbs or other large debris can penetrate your roof deck and cause severe structural damage.


Hail: Even small hailstones can harm a roof, while large hailstones can puncture some materials completely. Emergency roof repair services secure the roof until the extent of the damage can be fully assessed.


Snow and Ice: Heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and icy conditions can loosen flashing and cause severe roof leaks. Even small amounts of water trickling into your business can cause severe structural damage.


Not sure if your roof needs repairs? Give us a call. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof following a storm to ensure no damage could potentially cause problems later.


Our team works hard to minimize disruption to your business during the repair process. The protection of your customers and property is our priority, and we leave each site clean and ready for business.

Repair vs. Replace

Sometimes, roof issues can be minor and, therefore, easily repaired. Roof repairs are less costly than a re-cover or replacement, and they can extend the life of your roof overall. However, making multiple repairs year after year can add up, and you may end up spending more than the cost of a full replacement.


When deciding between a roof repair or a replacement, consider these four factors:


The Membrane. Membrane roofing is a standard feature on commercial buildings because it effectively moves water off the roof. These coatings are typically made of rubber and designed to last about 50 years. If the membrane is in good shape and has not yet reached the end of its design life, repairs are probably your best option. However, if the membrane has reached the end of its life and is showing consistent signs of issues, a replacement will likely be the more cost-effective choice.


Insulation issues. Is your building overly hot in the summer or cold in the winter? Difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature may be a sign of failing roof insulation. Insulation can wear down, get wet or deteriorate over time. In some cases, a roof may not have been installed with adequate installation in the first place, which may require a total replacement of the roof.


Budget. If you don’t want to invest money in your current building, or you’re trying to keep costs low, repairing only what’s necessary may be the best option.


Previous Repairs. If more than 25% of the roof’s surface has been damaged or repaired already, that’s a perfect sign that the roof needs to be replaced entirely.

roof replacement

When normal wear-and-tear or storm damage to your roof becomes so severe that a roof repair is not sufficient, it’s time for a replacement, and we can help. Our team is experienced with re-covering, replacing, and even installing a new commercial roofing solution for your business.


In addition to eliminating the constant headaches caused by an old, leaky roof, a replacement allows you to take advantage of an up-to-date roofing system and reap the benefits of lower maintenance costs and lower energy bills.


Exterior Solutions is a licensed, fully insured contractor with experience in commercial roofs from shingles to shakes and everything in between. We work hard to provide you with the best quality materials and expert craftsmanship at a cost-effective price.


Contact our team today for a roof inspection, a simple patch repair, or a complete replacement of your commercial roof.


Being GAF certified means we can give every customer a 50-year non-pro-rated dimensional shingle at a 30-year shingle price. We also take it upon ourselves to register every warranty on behalf of the customer. We use nothing but the best building materials available and don’t cut corners. Our projects typically take between 1 to 2 days to complete, barring any major projects.

Roofing, siding, gutters, doors, and windows are the main services we offer at Exterior Solutions. We have custom options for each service to fit your home with the design you dream of.


We value our customers, which is why we want to make sure no client goes without getting the roof they desire. That’s why at Exterior Solutions, we price match all local competitors, plus we offer financing through Green Sky Finance. Find Out More.